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Universal Charger
Model Name:BM004C
Universal charger for 3.6V/3.7V & 7.2V/7.4V Li-ion Battery and Ni-MH AA & AAA battery

Specification parameters£º
¡ñ Input£ºAC100V-220V    180mA £¨Max£©
   DC10V-15V¡¡¡¡600mA (Max)
¡ñ Output: 1.2V¡¡600 mA ¡¡
                  4.2V   600 mA
                  8.4V   600 mA
                  USB 5V 1000 mA
¡ñ Size£º118mm *68mm *29 mm (L/W/H)     
¡ñ Weight£º132g£¨without car lead and AC power cord£©

        ¡ñAutomatically identify battery polarity.
      ¡ñ Automatically recognize a single or double lithium batterys
      ¡ñ Activate batteries with zero voltage or batteries having been protected.
      ¡ñ Charging the AA/AAA rechargeable battery,recognize the unrechargeable battery.
¡ñ USB output, USB equipped with D +, D- identification terminal, charge the equipment that capable of D +, D- recognition
¡ñ Lithium batteries adopt precharging, constant-current charging and constant-voltage charging, thus shall not be undercharged or overcharged.
¡ñ AA/AAA batteries adopt pulse current charging and are controlled by -¡÷V and time, thus shall not be undercharged or overcharged

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