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Dual charger, Simultanius UPS Battery charger and DC Adapter for V-Mount Type Li-ion Battery

AC Input:  AC100-240V  50/60Hz  2A(Max)
DC Out: 16.5V 4.5A ; 75W
Charger Out: Single Battery Charging Mod:
                        CH1(L) or CH2(R): 16.8V 3.0A
                        Dual Battery Charging Mod:
                        CH1(L) and CH2(R): 16.8V 2.0A
Output Connection: 4 Pin XLR (Female)
Operating Temp: -10 to 40 ¡æ
Dimensions: 225 x 141 x 100mm
Weight:  1150g

When AC Power is ON and the main power switch is ON, the BP-2CH is a simultanius charger for V lock mount batteries.

When AC Power is ON and a cable is plugged into the 4-pin XLR auxiliary powr output, the  BP-2CH charger used as a DC Adaptor, it powers the camcorder directly via XLR connector.

When AC Power is ON and attached two batteries on the charger at the same time, a cable is plugged into the 4-pin XLR power output, the UPS (Uninterruptible power supply) Powering from the battery to the DC Out is made by priority.
If you turn OFF the power switch on the charger or unexprected main electric power failure occur (AC input is cut off), charger BP-2CH with the inserted battery will automatically go to the UPS BACK UP POWER MODE.

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